Design Review & Experience Requirement for becoming a Certified Master Anaplanner


In the Anaplan Platform Certification Path there is a box that says 'Design Review & Experience Requirement' after Level 3 training. What does this entail? I have a client wanting to know the requirements so they can add it to their goals.


  • Hi @robinsalk - design review is the process whereby you submit the model blueprint of your L3 model which is reviewed by Anaplan to ensure best practices are followed and the model is well designed. Level 3 is considered a proficiency course and as such a lot of the guidance is open ended and will draw from prior experience building model.

    Below is a link to a bit more on the eligibility requirements, the experience required is the same as the Certified Solution Architect.

  • janelancy

    During the design review, Anaplan will examine your L3 model blueprint to make sure it follows best practices and is well-designed. Since Level 3 is a competency course, it will rely heavily on a model that builds on previous experience and provides a lot of open-ended advice. io games