Certified Master Anaplanner Eligibility

Certified Master Anaplanners are Anaplan’s most experienced platform evangelists who share a common technical language and are involved in the structural development of their models. Anaplan's current customers, registered partners, and employees are all eligible to become a Certified Master Anaplanner, given they're willing and able to meet the requirements below.


Candidates must fulfill the below criteria*: *More courses may be added upon impending releases.

Interested in becoming a Certified Master Anaplanner?

Learn about the Certified Master Anaplanner Certification Exam and the steps to get started.


  • @Ameneh I noticed the "data integration" link above is going to the best practices site. You may want to refresh that link.

    I assume its this one.




  • Thanks for looking out, @JaredDolich! The "Data Integration" link takes me here, to Anapedia: https://help.anaplan.com/anapedia/Content/Data_Integrations/Data_Integrations_Oveview.html?_ga=2.129600012.1885000239.1579630267-1581209033.1543940299. Does it lead you somewhere else?

    Appreciate you locating the additional resource, we have it listed under "Third-party Data Integration," above. 



  • @Ameneh looks like it's working. Maybe I had a bad connection. Thanks for looking into it. As part of my training, I must of used those links 10 times each. Thank you!

  • Who is the best contact for moving certifications over to new Anaplan partner employer? 

  • @sthomsen 

    Probably a ticket to Academy@anaplan.com.It would be great if the process was more clear especially as it relates to the partner portal. Let us know what you learn. I see this question often.

  • @JaredDolich I emailed community@anaplan.com with both partner emails. They were able to switch my credentials over to my new account very quickly. 



  • @sthomsen Thanks for sharing this. Make sure you check with the partner admin of your new company to make sure your certifications moved over. They can see all the certifications people have earned in a special dashboard for partners, called "resource 360".

  • ylabib

    Any word on the new requirements yet? 

  • Ameneh

    Hi @ylabib, you can read about the upcoming changes here

  • Hi Anaplan,


    I have one doubt regarding the point:

    • Achieve a high level of Anaplan model building activity
      • Defined by efforts of our current Certified Master Anaplanner

    Can we know more in detail about this point?

  • @Richa123 The modeling activity was meant to be a relative measurement of your activity vs the "average" master anaplanner, in that you need to be above that threshold. 

    However, recent changes may have made that requirement no longer applicable. Here's a quote from @Ameneh when I asked about the activity requirement now that the master anaplanner exam will be proctored by a third party.

    "This is the final step in the formalization of the Master Anaplanner certification, and it will allow us to do things like remove the activity-in-model requirement. Formal announcement from our team coming soon!"

  • Thank you very much @JaredDolich 😀.Looking forward to the new changes in the process.

    I am not able to open the quote you have mentioned above. It is showing that the message doesn't exist, But yes I am clear with what you have written.

  • Who approves the accounts before someone can signup for the Master Anaplanner exam? The instruction says it gets approved every Friday, but my account has not been validated yet (account created a week ago). Reached out to academy and master anaplanner team, but no response yet. Any suggestions?

  • Hi @himanshu.badhai  I am looking out for the same answer. Are there any steps to be taken by us for this? If you got any information then please share it.



  • @Sampriti.Anand There's no extra steps involved. Looks like there was some delay in getting the approval. You can reach out MasterAnaplanners@anaplan.com if you don't see your account approved after Friday. But please make sure you follow all the steps outlined on this page- https://learning.anaplan.com/course/view.php?id=1022

    Good luck with the exam!




  • HI All,


    Is anybody is aware that when we schedule for the exam on the portal what is the time zone of selector, Is it my profile time zone or something else?

  • How much time does it take to get webassessor account approved? Registered on 2nd Jan 24 and still waiting on 25th Jan 24. Mailed to certification@anaplan.com as of 25th Jan 24. Anything else needs to be done from my side?

  • I want to start it again