Level Mismatch On Common Dimension (Show No Data) Extended to Items Not in Subset


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In some of our UX pages we are using the setting to "Show no data" on a context mismatch. We would like to show the entire hierarchy in the context selector for the page, but the card using the "Show no data" setting is a child of the list with the context selector, but is also utilizing a subset at the leaf level. Because it's a subset, some of the parent items are not included if there is not a leaf item associated with the parent. Because of this, it looks like Anaplan defaults to showing every leaf item even though "Show no data" is selected.

How often is this impacting your users?

It creates confusion when items populating in the grid are not associated with the context chosen.

Who is this impacting? (ex. model builders, solution architects, partners, admins, integration experts, business/end users, executive-level business users)

business/end users

What would your ideal solution be? How would it add value to your current experience?

Ideally, the below error message for the line items card would display to help prevent user confusion.

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