Anaplan Connect - Model size from script is more than actual size in manage models


Update: The metrics are Gib and not GB, so when converting from bytes it needs to be converted to Gib and then the results match.

I am using the following command to get the model size:

-debug -service %ServiceUrl% -auth %AuthUrl% -M

This command is giving me Workspace ID, Workspace Name, Model ID, Model Name, Model Size in bytes. For example -

abcd Planning | PROD ABCD AB - PROD 500000

Now, when I go to anaplan manage models in the backend, the number that anaplan UI tells me is always less than the size given by anaplan connect. Any ideas on why there is a difference?


  • @ahemantthere - Is there any other model available in the workspace which is not accessible to you but the service account used by Anaplan Connect has access to that model?

    and how much difference you are observing between them?

  • ahemantthere
    edited July 8

    I mailed anaplan support and got to know that the metrics used by them are GiB (gibibytes) and not GB. So while converting the bytes to GB, I noticed a difference. Once I converted the bytes to GiB the results are matching.