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Hello! Is there any way to get smth like cell security in TM1? For example, I have a module with 2 dimensions.  Clients --------- Client 1 Client 2 Products --------- Prod 1 Prod 2 I need to write in Client1\Prod1 and Client2\Prod2, but read only in Client1\Prod2 and Client2\Prod1. Thank you! Best regards, Alexander


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  • Joris
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    Hi Alex,

    It appears that in the example you mentioned, there is actually a limited set of products used by each customer.

    A typical way to solve this would be to create a numbered list (e.g. "#Products per Customer") that uses the Customer list as a Parent Hierarchy. This list would contain all products that are applicable for any given customer. In addition to restricting the possible combinations, this will also reduce the sparsity (non-used combinations) and therewith the size of the module. So you will then use only this list in the module, instead of using both Customer and Product as lists.

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  • Here is a case where I don't think numbered lists could work...

    We require Users to enter data on a country by counry basis.  Up until this year, we have allowed Users to enter data into a sort of "dummy country" eg: "Z: South America".  But from now on, we only want the Users to enter into specific countries (and not to be able to use this "dumping ground" of Z: South America).  Of course, for our history, we still need to show the values... I'd like to be able to make this cell Read Only.  Can I do something like that?  I fear, at present, I cannot... 

    Thanks for any suggestions.

    By the way, I think there are a number of other cases where this type of Read / Write control could be useful... Cognos Planning had a feature in their Contributor Product that allowed this...it was called Access Tables and it allowed you to set rights on a pretty sophisticated basis.  I wonder if Anaplan can also allow similar type of control on what Users can enter / only have read access to etc.

  • Hi Gideon,

    I think assigning Selective Access your Country list could help you. Then you can grant write access to all countries and read access to the dummy countries.