How to replace a last period with a switchover?

Hi team,


I got a problem with a switchover when I can not replace the last period on the time scale with an actual version. 

I have two versions: Plan and Actual for one-year timescale Jul'16-Jun'17. I have been replacing the plan version with a switchover each month. When my last month has been closed I had no option to get actual data on the Plan version becuase the last available option for switchover is Jun'17. How could I manage it?


Thank you in advance,


  • I think the only option is to extend your timescale. Can this be an option for you?

  • No, unfortunately it's not an option, because of the model size would be more then my available WS. I've found a kind of solution for that, but I don't like it too much. 

    The idea is to replace a one version with onother one by formula instead of switchover. But sometimes it could be a comlex exercise becuase of the model structure