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Apologies if this question is over simple, but I'm fairly new to Anaplan, although I've done the certification. I'm trying to create a cell that calculates differently based on wheteher it is the actual or forecast version.  I thought I had found the solution with the following article on "add version formula"


The article explains fairly clearly what to do, but doesn't explain exactly what the result will be.


When I create fomulae using this method, the cells contain zeros.  Where I apply it to cells that had a non-version specific formula before it retains the answer from that formula.  Could someone help me understand what I might have done wrong, or perhaps help me understand if this is the right way of producing version-specific cells. I have tested that the formula I enter works when used as a general formula.





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  • s.jansenidw
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    Hi Dgardner,


    I never used Version formula before, and I think you also don't need it in this case.

    I will try to explain the two options which always works for me:


    Option 1: If you want a line item to be input for Actuals or Forecast and calculation for the other version:

    Just write a formula, and then set "Formula Scope" (in the blueprint) to the version where it should apply to. Then the other version remains input based (within the same line item).


    Option 2: If you want to have different calculations for forecast or actuals within the same line item:

    Write the formula with the following IF statement:

    IF ISACTUALVERSION() THEN "put formula for actual version here" ELSE "put formula for forecast version here"



    Hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions.


  • Hi

    What are the different formulae for each version that you are trying to create? Could you include some screen shots?


  • Did you try to write a formula with the following statement?:


    IF ISACTUALVERSION() THEN "what should happen when version is actuals" ELSE "What happens if version <> actuals"


    In this way you don't need to use the proposed solution (the link). This is only helpfull when you want to calculate one version and let the end-users input in another version on the same line item.


  • Thanks for the response


    A screenshot is attached.  The input fields are for the forecast whereas the Actual input fields are for actuals.  I originally tried to do it with one set of codes attaching the formula only to the forecast version, so that actuals can be directly input (they would always be uploaded), but separted it out to make it simpler to follow.



  • Thanks for this.  I tried to do exactly this when the orignal wouldn't work but wasn't sure of the correct term for it.  I have created a completely new item line in the module and tried the fomula as follows:IF ISACTUALVERSION() THEN 'Revenue-Standards(act)' ELSE YEARVALUE('Revenue - Standard') / 12

    The report was by default in actual when I entered it and it gives the correct result for Actual. When I change the version to forecast it does not change to the other one.


    I have versions as a page in this module and am using the downwards triangle to select either actuals or forecast. 

  • Thanks Stef

    Option 1 works and is what I wanted in the first place.  I got confused because when I changed the actual for the early months, it changed the forecast as well.  I've just realised that this is what should happen up until the switchover.



  • Hey Stef,

    Is there a way to have formula X for plan version and formula Y for forecast version? I know about ISCURRENTVERSION and ISACTUALVERSION.