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Could anyone please tell me, how we can run a deletion process (Deletion from list using selection) in deployed mode.



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  • Mark_W_Shemaria

    set up a delete action where the line item is a boolean associated with the list to be deleted.   The line item can be resolved formulacially or by input.

  • ryan_kohn
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    Hi Devika - it appears that the list you are trying to delete from is not marked as a Production Data list. If this is the case, you will not be able to modify the contents of the list from the deployed model. If the list is structural data, you can run the Delete action in the development model and sync the results to your deployed model.


  • Great outline from Mark above!


    Further to this, you will need to create the Delete action in your development model and then sync the change to your deployed model. Once the model is synced, you will be able to run your action from the deployed model.

  • Thank you so much Mark and Ryan.


    Hi Ryan,

    I have made the changes as you mentioned. Now, the DEV and Production models are synced and I'm getting attached error while running the deletion process in deployed mode.


    Note : My requirement is to delete the current month name from a list in order to get the forecast months only.


    Could you please check once?




  • Hi Ryan,


    Its works for me after marking the list as production data...!!!!


    Many Thanks !!!