Workaround for version formatted line items


Hello All,

This is my issue:

- I have a module called "Billings" where I have my billings by version (version A, version B and version C)

- I would like the end user to select a version (A, B or C) - Ideally from a dropdown

- Then, I want to create a line item (it can be in a different module) called "Billings (from selected version)". That line item would return the billings from the "Billings" module for the selected version.


This would be very easy if we could format the line items as versions...but we can't.

What I have done so far:

I have created a dummy list with 3 items (version A dummy, version B dummy, version C dummy). Then I have created a module where I "map" the version with the dummy list. For the end users, I have created a line item called "select version" formatted as the dummy list. So from their perspective, they are selecting the version they want.

Now I am struggling to use the mapping to pull the billings for the selected scenario!

Any help is highly appreciated.




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  • Neil_Doyle
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    Hey Fabien,


    I can't really come up with an elegant solution but I have found a way to get it to work.

    1. Create the dummy list as you suggest
    2. Add an "All Versions" in the Versions in Settings which has formula A+B+C
    3. Create a Dummy Billings module which has both real versions and dummy versions in it
    4. Use your mapping module to put the numbers against the write dummy verions (hard to explain easier to see screenshot)
    5. The proceed with your line item selection and output module but the lookup also has a select:Versions.All Versions.

    Can't say I'd be delighted with this solution due to the extra Version for all and the additional space requirements of the Dummy Billings module. But it does get the job done if you can live with it. I think you could probably hide the All Versions from users.


    Hopefully works or sparks some other thoughts.image.pngimage.png


  • Hi Fabien


    let me know if what I understood i correct and then will provide a workaround accordingly if possible:


    1) You have a module which has billing details (Module 1)

    2) The billing details are maintained by version A, B , C ( These are version list of anaplan and not part of general lists)

    3) You have new billings module by version where the billings should be pulled by version selected.

    3a) Does this module have versions as list then its straight forward to just see the data by version

    3b) Assuming the module does not have version

    4) You have created a dummy version list

    5) You have mapped those dummy version list to anaplan versions

    6) User would select a dummy version and you have written condition to user selection and lookup to the dummy version and anaplan version mapping.


    Screenshots would help us to understand better





  • Hello Neil,

    Thank you for the proposed solution! I haven't implemented it yet but will give it a go this weekend.


    Edit: Neil, your workaround works great! Many thanks. As you mentioned, it is not ideal because we need to modify the "All versions" every time we add a new one but it gets the job done.

    Hopefully, Anaplan will allow version formatted line items very soon....



    In my example,  I simplified what I actually need. Put it simply: I need end-users to be able to compare any 2 versions dynamically (native versions, not items in a list).  

    1) I have a module (Module 1) that has "Net billings" by version (version A, version B, version C) - see screenshots. Once the model is completed, I will have around 12 versions

    2) Then, I would like end users to compare the "net billings" for any 2 versions.

    My idea was to have 2 dropdown menus ("selected version1" and "selected version 2"). In each dropdown menu, the end-user would choose a version. 

    Then I would create a line item (it can be in Module 1 or in another module, it doesn't matter) called "Net Billings Changes" = Net Billings [Select: Scenarios.Selected scenario 2] - Net Billings [Select: Scenarios.Selected scenario 1].

    My idea was to create "Net Billings change" in a module (Module 2) that is NOT dimensionalized by versions because it does not depend on the versions. It just compared the 2 selected versions.


    I have added 2 screenshots. Hopefully, I have managed to clarify my question/issues. Many thanks for your help