Can we use COLLECT() to get data from multiple modules with different dimensionality?


Dear Experts,


We are creating line item subset from multiple modules. Each of these modules have a different dimensionality. Example: First source module has ENTITY, DEPARTMENT with standard TIME & VERSION. Second source module has ENTITY, POSITION with standard TIME & VERSION. Can we use COLLECT() to get data from multiple modules with different dimensionality?

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  • RdenUijl

    Hi Lokesh,


    Please make sure that you've selected the modules in the Line item subset selection screen. To do this press the 3 dots in the Modules column and select your source modules. See screenshot below.


    LiS 1.PNG


    After you've done this, click on your Line item subset in settings and select the line items you want to use as a source. See screenshot below.


    LiS 2.PNG


    In your module you then want to select your Line item subset and the dimensions used in (both) source modules. So in this case you might want to use ENTITY and TIME & VERSION. 

    Lastely create 1 line item and give it the formula COLLECT(), Anaplan should then collect your data. 

    Because the other dimesion do not match between your source modules Anaplan will total the data. So make sure you have a top-level in DEPARTMENT and POSITION.


    LiS 3.PNG


    I hope this helps.






  • Hi Lokesh,

    This should be possible. Although if I recall correctly this will only collect top level item value (one that is set as built in top level). In case you need to o get full data collection you may need to include all the dimmensions (from both modules) not only the Time & Versions. This is rather sub optimal usage of cells as in this case some of them will not be populated but will contribute to model size.

    Does above make sense? Let me know if you need further help on the topic.

  • Thanks for reply. I tried but somehow it didn't work. I will spend more time next week and explore the options.