Time Dimension - Rolling 18-Months


Hi Everyone,


Is there any way to set up a rolling 18-Months in Anaplan, as time dimension?

Right now we are able to set up 2 full fiscal years, to get 18-Months for forecasting.

But at the 7th month of the current fiscal year, we need to have 1 more fiscal year, which will lead us to have total 3 full fiscal years in Anaplan's time dimension.


That will definitely **** up the size of entire model. We have currently just one fiscal year's data, if we have 3 fiscal years, then our model size will be 3 times of our current model. That is why I would like to see if there is any possibility to have a rolling 18-Months settings in Time, and we could reduce our sparsity.


Thanks everyone!




  • Hi Yiping

    At the moment the only way to achieve this is to create a "fake" time dimension which is a normal list used as a proxy for the timescale.  The advantages are, as you mentioned, space saving, but the disadvantages are added complexity, and the lack of "native" time functions such as cumulate, previous etc.

    However, our product team are developing new functionality for time ranges which will help you in this case (along with many, many others!!).  

  • Thanks David.

    We will try your suggestions by using the "fake" time dimension as a list.

    Hope Anaplan can release the new updates with an adjustable time dimension soon.


  • Hi Yiping,


    The time dimension of Anaplan will only work with full years. As far as I know there are 2 ways to get the rolling forecast you need.


    1. Use the date on which your Fiscal year starts to get the 18 months forecast.


    2. Set up a custom time dimension using lists which will give you all the freedom you need.


    Please note that when using the 2nd option the formulas related to time might not work anymore, so you need work arounds.





  • @yqian @RdenUijl There is an app in Anaplan App Hub which shows how Rolling Forecast could be implemented. You might want to check it out. Please find the link to the app below.



    Hope it helps.




  • Thank you so much Leo.

    BTW, how many months should I have in the Time Dimension, in order to let this App work?



  • Hi Yiping,


    If you want 18 months rolling, at least 2 years worth of time (1 current, 1 future) assuming you are capturing the actual as well.

    Hope that helps.