Formula returning the date \ month of first data in line item


Hey Anaplaners,


so my need is to create a formula that will go through the line item, that has a monthly timescale (that line item is filled in as numbers by the user) and return first month \ date (date better), when the data is met in the line. So it kinda scans and whenever meets "non-zero value" - gives me the time of that value. 


Any ideas how this can be possible? 



  • Hi

    Could you post a worked example showing the data and the expected result?  Using a time module one can certainly easily identify the first month in a timescale, but I'm not sure that that is what you need here


  • Hi,


    I don't know this is exactly what you're trying to do, but this might help:


    - Create a new line item in the same module your data input is in and make sure it's formatted as a time period (month) and uses the same dimensions.

    - Create a formula which states: IF -data input line item- <> 0 THEN ITEM(TIME) ELSE BLANK



    -  If you need a date, then create a line item formatted as a date format 

    - Use the formula: IF -data input line item- <> 0 THEN DATE(YEAR(ITEM(TIME)), MONTH(ITEM(TIME)), 1) ELSE BLANK


    Hope this helps.