How to correctly calculate Ratio in the nested axis

Hi, Anaplan friends


I have faced with a problem in calculating ratio in a nested axis.

Please see the attached file for what I have now and what I would like to have.

I have lists "Sales Region" and "Competitors" as the nested axis and Line items "Sales". "Share" and "Sales Ratio" , whose formulus are empty (input field), Sales/Sales[SELECT: Competitors.Total Competitors], and [SELECT: Sales Region.Total Region], respectively (where Total Competitors is Top level of "Competitors" and Total Region is Top level of "Sales Region".)

Would you corret the formula to get Share and Sales ratio in Total Region of "what I would like to have"  ??

Thank you in advance.



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  • Joris
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    Hi John,


    Shouldn't your formula for the "Sales Ratio" be:

    Sales / Sales[SELECT: Sales Region.Total Region, SELECT: Competitors.Total Competitors]




  • Hi, Joris


    Thank you. That worked !

    For incorrect "Share", changing its Summary from "Ratio" (Sorry, I should have mentioned this point in the first place) to "Formula" gave me correct %s.

    Thanks again.