To Get value of previous fiscal year where fiscal year is not time dimension


Hi, Anaplan Friends,


I have been faced with a difficulty in getting a value from previous FY where FY is not time dimention, but a list member.

Please refer to the attached file for reference.

Here I have Fiscal Year FY50, FY51 etc as list members, and estimated sales is expected to be calculated based on the previous year, in my case, estimated sales of FY51 and after is based on FY50 figures when current period is 2018 April. In order to identify "current" FY, property "Num YYYY" is defined for List FY. The issue I have here is I cannot come up with a way to refer to a value of the previous FY (FY 50 when current period is 2018 April and F51 when the same is 2019 April in my case) for the all the rest of future FYs.   Any pointers greatly appreciated.

Best Answer

  • nathan_rudman



    you should build yourself a previous element in the FY list, with the format of the list itself. Then you can either set manually the previous element or with logic (roughly: with finditem(name()-1). This way you can lookup on the previous element this way: module.line item[LOOKUP:FY.previous].


    Please note that this manual previous does not avoid circular references and you won't be able to look up on the same line item


  • Thank you.

    Set 'YYYY's as a codes of Fiscal Year List and using FINDITEM to look up FY'YY' of the list by its codes worked for me.