Ranking on a date prior to switchover


Hi All,


I have a number of versions in my model with different switchover date.

I also have ranking function on the last date prior to Switchover. For instance, I set the swithcover to Aug 17 then I need ranking to be ran in July; If swithover = Sep17 then ranking on Aug17 etc.


For specific period it is easily done by using SELECT (ex.SELECT: TIME.'Aug 17'), but i couldnt figure it out for dynamically system.

Hopefully, you might suggest something.


Thank you,



  • Hello,

    Possible solution:

    1) Create a module with time dimensionality only and create 2 line items: number and time periods months. Set up it as switchover applicable;

    2) Then put the formula in number formatted LI: =1;

    3) Then put the formula in time formatted LI: =if [number formatted LI]=1 then period(addmonths(start(),-1)) else blank;

    4) Then set up summary for time formatted LI as firstnonblank (consider all periods summary should be swithed on in time settings). So you get the month before switchover at all periods summary, so you can use it in other formulas


    Let me know if you need further assistance. Thanks