Display Native YTD and YTG with a filter


Hello Anaplaners,

I have an issue about displaying YTD and YTG in columns.


In a dashboard, i display a module with native time in columns. On this module, we set up a boolean dynamic filter linked to a time filter module. This filter displays the current year (2017 in this case). But the client needs YTD and YTG in the grid. I tried a lot of tips but it failed.


Does anyone know how to display dynamically YTD and YTG with a filter ?


Thanks for your help.



Best Answer

  • PaulRitner

    Hi Jeremy,


    We can use formulas to ask what time period we are in (including summary time periods like YTD and YTG)... we just need to set the Summary setting for the line item to Formula.  I've attached an example.  Let me know if this is what you are looking for.  






  • Hi Paul,


    Thanks for your answer !


    Your solution allowed me to set up my dynamic filter. I didn't think to use NAME function.