Anaplan and SAP BO to Tableau connection


we are using Anaplan to view my data in tables. Is it possible to get the data from Anaplan dashboards and visualize them in Tableau?


Same applies for SAP BO reports.


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  • Hi,


    Exporting data from Anaplan for use in other applications is common.


    For the Anaplan Admin/Builder, all you need to do is:

    1.  Define the Tableau / SAP BO import format 

    2.  Create an export in Anaplan that matches the Tableau/SAP BO format (this might be done using an existing module, but might also require the building of a new module)

    3.  Create a process to get the data from Anaplan to Tableau/BO.  This can take many forms, but will include running your anaplan export, moving the export file to a place where Tableau/BO can pick it up, and loading the data into Tableau/BO.  Anaplan has an API that can help automate this process.  In addition, there are a variety of integration tools Anaplan works well with.  The first step here (for you) is to decide whether the intergation will be manual or automated, and then work with your organization to get it going.  If manual, then it could be as simple as someone running the Anaplan export and emailing it to the person who would load it into Tableau/BO.  If automated, then your IT group may have a preferred integration approach, and all they will need is the name of the export (module/view), some information about the model, and the API URL (in Anapedia) so they can (write the automation scripts).  


    While automated integrations can take some time to get in place (because internal coordination with IT & others often takes time), the total hours invested tend to be relatively low for the value received.  When IT tests an automated integration, the functional Anaplan Admin can usually be a great help in troubleshooting any errors (even if they aren't programmers per se), because the errors often relate to something configured within Anaplan itself... e.g. user access or a problem with the data.


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    We are going to have a webinar next Thursday on this exact subject!  Here's a link to the post on LinkedIn. Hope to see you there!




  • asharma

    Do we have recording...I need to understand the integration between Anaplan and SAP BO.