Using RIGHT function with a list



I have a field that is a list format (itemcode), and it has a 3 letter code at the end of each item (e.g product1-abc123-regular-CNC). In another field i want to check this code before carrying out a calculation.

IF RIGHT(itemcode,3) = "CNC" THEN 1 ELSE 0

I cannot use RIGHT(itemcode,3) as it is not TEXT, how can i use RIGHT with a list item ?


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Best Answer

  • cyprian_malak



    It kind of depends if itemcode is numeric list or not.

    if yes, you can use RIGHT(itemcode.DisplayName, 3)

    if no, you can use RIGHT(NAME(itemcode,3)) or RIGHT(NAME(ITEM(itemcode)),3) <- if it is in module dimension


    I hope that helps! 🙂



  • Can you flag the condition when you create the list, rather than calculate it?

    If you have a number of different conditions, it would be better to have either list properties or a module containing these properties, formatted as booleans. 

    e.g. CNC?, ABC?, 123? etc. 

    You could also use the above constuct if you find yourself having the same result expression for different conditions, e.g. logic1?, logic2? etc.