Circular Refference - using prior month value


Hi everyone, 
I'm having troubles creating a module that recalculates a regression each month. My regression is based on values of the last 12 months. When there are no 12 months of histicorical data available, I want the line item to use the previously predicted values with the regression as input for future values. This creates a situation in which I get the "circular refererence error". 

Does anyone have encounterd this problem or has some advise to fix this problem? 

many thanks

Best Answer

  • nathan_rudman



    you need to use the previous() formula to reference the line item where your calculation is: previous(my regression). Don't hesitate to do it in several line items for clarity.



  • Dear Nathan, 

    Thanks for your reply. I made 12 line items which simulated the previous last months. This did the trick! 

    Many thanks.