How to display concat eliment of a list in different order


I have a list with values in the format "<description>-<code>" (seperated by -). I am displaying that list in one column of a module as a drop down from where user can select. I need to change this format of each value in the list like this "<code>-<description>". Can I do this using some formula over this perticular column of this module?


  • Hello,


    If the list item is being displayed in a line item that is formatted to the list, then the only value that can be displayed in that line item is the Name (in the case of a non-numbered list), or Display By (in the case of a Numbered List).  Anaplan controls this.


    Based on those rules, you cannot change the appearance of an item when it is also a selection box.


    You could get fancy in the following ways:

    1. Change the format:  If this is a numbered list, then alter the Display By property to conform to the new format.  If this is a non-numberd list, then reload the data differently.
    2. If this is really important, and neither of the options above are possible, and the list isn't too too large or complex, then you could create an alternate hierarchy that renders the values the way you want to see them.  Then use the alternate hierarchy as a pick list, and map the values back to the original list (in a hidden line item.  This would work fine and require little ongoing maintenance, however its probably too much work for the value.