Anaplan Certified Trainer workshop for Level 1 Model Building


We’ve been in the process of revamping our Anaplan Learning Journey, which can only mean one thing - new workshops!


The Instructor-led/Virtual instructor-led version of the Level 1 Model Building training program has been revised to utilize Anaplan’s User Experience (rather than classic dashboards).


If you are new to the program and you'd like to sign up for a workshop, please do so here. If there are no sessions currently available, please send an email with your interest and desired timing to to

For those of you looking to become or re-certify as Level 1 Model Building trainers, you’ll find the pre- and post-work for the workshop below. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to

Please note that this workshop does have significant pre-work and a post-work assignment. You must complete all prerequisites, listed below, before the start of the workshop. You'll need to have a Learning Center account in order to complete some of the pre-requisites. Do have a Learning Center account? Learn how to set one up here.


  • Build out the Level 1 Model Building model in its entirety and complete the exam (you'll receive the materials and be enrolled in the course upon enrollment in Train the Trainer). 

Complete the following assignments:

Post-Work (re-certifying trainers are exempt):

  • Complete a co-teach with another Level 1 certified trainer. 

This will be a time to focus, learn and grow! We look forward to seeing you and facilitating this process.



  • I completed Course 201 and "Anaplan Agile Implementation Method". I have been working in Anaplan for last 2 years as an implementor and developer. Will I be able to pursue Certified Trainer Course. Please advise.

  • Hi, 


    Can we do this via remote presentation? Or does this need to be classroom based? 



  • @steve.decastro This class must be completed in person. There are no remote offerings.

  • Is there any cost associated with this Trainer cost

  • Hi @eric_kingsbury @emilydunn,


    I'm really interested in taking this course, but I have two questions...

    Can we access the inital pre-work without having booked the in person course?

    Also there are no courses currently offered in Europe / London will there be any in the future? 





  • @AdamB  - Would you be able to help Usman with questions about the certified trainer courses? Thank you!

  • AdamB

    @usman.zia  We just ran 2 courses in London the booked full very quickly, sorry you missed them!  We will be running future courses within London and Europe. Dates are still TBD right now.


    We do not distribute pre-work until you have signed up for the course.  As the pre-work contains very specific materials that are used during the course. That said make sure you are up to date on 102, 201 and 299 doesn't hurt as well.  And the pre-work will be easy. 


    If you have more specific questions send us an email at 

  • Great Thanks @AdamB 


    As soon as the course is open in London please could you let me know. 





  • Thank you for producing this article.



    How do we access this item listed under pre-work

    • Read through the Instructor Guide and Level 1 PPT to gain an understanding of which activities are covered in the course.

    Please advise.



  • Hi @DonSrini 


    This is available once you have signed up for the course and your course instructor will provide you with these documents. 

    Having completed the course, these materials cover how to deliver the level 1 course in person instead of the on demand training that can be found on the learning centre.