Actual vs Last Year


I would like to store last year actual value in version. So my version willl have Actual, Last Year and Act vs LY Variance.


Can I achive it using formula in Version setting?


Thanks and regards,

Maung Maung


  • Hi Maung Maung,


    Using a Version to come up with a variance, though possible, will take up A LOT of workspace.

    I would prefer to understand more about your business requirement, before coming up with a suggestion; but at the mean time, below is a suggestion using line item formula and formula scope.



    The results are:




  • Hi Lip Chean,


    Thanks for the suggestion. I want to achieve account and version as cross dimension. Otherwise, I will have to another line item for each account. The screen shot is the sample.


    Thanks and regards,

    Maung Maung



  • Version_Cross_Dimension.jpg