Need to use annual amount in a formula but comparing it to a monthly amount in same module?


I have a requirement to show the following:


annual quota * multiplier = target


then compare month orders to this target and see if the person exceeded the target.


I have a module at a monthly level, and if you go down to the Quarter or monthly level, the quota keeps changing, i need this amount to remain static, and let the order amounts change based on the month or quarter selected.  Is this possible in one module?


  • Egor



    If you want to reference an annual amount, the easiest way is to use YEARVALUE() formula. Please see the screenshot attached to see an example. You can also use YEARVALUE as a part of your formula where you apply the multiplier.

    Note: if you want to have the same value for Quarters and Years, set your Summary (can be found on the right side when you enter the blueprint view) to Formula.


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