How to show the data directly rather than drill-down?





I have a numbered list with a property

NLIST Name:  Genera_Special

                            PersonType <<Property Name


  John Doe          General  

  Bill Gates          Special

  Joe Neighbor    General

  Steve Jobs        Special


There is another numbered list

NLIST Name:  Rich_Poor


  John Doe          Poor  

  Bill Gates          Rich

  Joe Neighbor    Poor

  Steve Jobs        Rich


What I did

I have a module where "Rich_Poor" numbered list is being used as "Applies To" for a specific reason.  I would also like to bring in "PersonType" into this module, so I created a LineItem "PersonTypeinModule".    I added the "General_Special" to the "Applies To" for the line item.  Then I added the Line Item with a simple formula of 





When I get out of the blueprint view, what it did was "PersonTypeinModule" Line Item having drill-down.  Prior to the drill-down, no data is shown in the LineItem.  When I drill-down, it shows the correct data.  


Desired Outcome 

I would simply like to seethe resulting data in the LineItem without drill-down.


Thank you in advance.

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  • PaulRitner
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    I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but...


    In Anaplan, in order to dynamically map one numbered list item to another numbered list item, there must be some Controlling List.  


    Let's get specific: 

    • Let's say you need to map John Doe in General_Special to John Doe in Rich_Poor.... and you want to do this dynamically (i.e. no extra maintenance).
    • Further, let's say that you have a master list of names (one being John Doe), and the name of this Master list is "People".  (one of your two existing lists could be the master also, but for this example, we are assuming a 3rd list)
    • From an end-user process perspective, let's assume that different users manage the Rich_Poor and General_Special lists independently.  When users add rows to these two lists, there is a line item in the related module where they select a name... such as John Doe.  That line item is formatted to our Master List (i.e. "People").  The Master List can be numbered or not, doesn't matter in the end.  Let's assume that its numbered, and that, when you load items, you are loading a Unique Identifier into the CODE property as a control mechanism to ensure there are no duplicates.
    • Let's take it one step further and say that the users managing Rich_Poor and General_Special are also controlling the decision making as to whether people are Rich/Poor, or General/Special.
    • In your example, we lastly want to let the Rich/Poor user group understand what the General/Special group is saying about the Rich/Poor people... so when they add a person to Rich/Poor, we do a lookup to see whether each of our Rich/Poor people are General or Special.


    With the above parameters, look at the attached document for the solution...




  • Thank you for the detailed example and solution!

    That definitely got me to where I neede.  


    Thank you!