Break data equally into Weeks from Months in 445 Distribution


Hello All,

We have requirement where user will enter the numbers at Month level and the same has to be broken equally to the week level. All the rest of the data resides at Week level and hence the distribution used is 445.

Is there any simple way to get this done. 

Need urgent help. !




  • Hi,


    Not knowing much about your build, I would recommend something like:

    1. At the week level, create a numeric line item that contains a formula with a 1 in it.  The only dimension here is your weeks (to keep the model small).  
    2. Aggregate the 1's to the Monthly input level to get the number of weeks.  The only dimension here is (presumably) Time in Months.
    3. Go back to the weekly level and divide the monthly amounts by the number of weeks


  • Just to add, the MONTHVALUE() formula will bring the monthly values into the line items dimensioned by week so the formula may be something like:

    MONTHVALUE(monthy input)/MONTHVALUE(weekly count)