Past 90 day functionality


I am looking for a rolling function that calculates the total value of opportunities over the past 90 days from the current date. Any suggestions or formulas would help!




  • Hi,


    It would ultimately depend on how the data is formatted.  Here are some possibilities:

    • If the data is loaded into a module (or being aggregated into a module) where Anaplan Time is defined in Days, then, the formula might have two aspeacts:  
      • Line Item 1:  use CUMULATE to create a running total
      • Line Item 2:  Line Item 1 - LAG(Line Item 1, 90)
        • Line Item 2 is the 90 day offset.
    • If the 90 day rolling total is in a module that has Time in Months, then the answer might be similar to the above, but round to 3 months (if that's close enough).

    There are probably many other ways to do this; I'm interested to see other responses!



  • Hi ckryan,


    At the moment, Anaplan doesn't have a standard function that gives you the current or today's date. However you can use integration or data loading to load today's date into Anaplan.


    Assuming "Today" is the line item (format Date) in the module "Admin", then Admin.Today will be updated with today's date with your scheduled loading. 


    Assuming the module "Opportunity" has the line item "Value" and time (Day) as list in it, you need to create a "Flag" line item with the following formula:

    Flag = if start() >= Admin.Today - 90 and start() <= Admin.Today then 1 else 0

    Active Value = Flag * Value

    Total Opportunity Value = Active Value[Select:Time.All Periods]


    Opportunity.Total Opportunity Value is the final desired result.