Pull/Lookup data from general list into module with numbered list


Dear All,


Appreciate if anyone can help me on this.


How to pull/lookup data (properties data of Total Area sqf) from a specific general list (Detail Project Component list) into a module (Master Tenancy List) that contained a numbered list with parent hierarchy is Detail Project Component?


If not using numbered list, yes it can be done easily.


Outcome i need is that when i add new tenant in specific unit lot, information of total area of the unit lot will automatically pulled from the general list.



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  • Hayk
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    It should be Parent(Item('# Assign master tenancy to Dept & Company'))


  • Hayk



    You can do it this way:

    • add a property to your numbered list
    • format it as a list (Detail Project Component list)
    • write a formula Parent(Item(*your_numbered_list*)
    • now you can lookup properties from Detail Project Component list using this new created property

    Hope I answered your question. 

  • Hi Hayk,


    Thank you very much for your suggestion.


    Based on the picture attached hope can you suggest which list item should be *your_numbered_list*

    • write a formula Parent(Item(*your_numbered_list*)

    I tried some list but could not work.



  • Invalid formula popup

  • Yeyy.. it work.. Thanks a lot Hayk.