Reference one column in Module based on single dimension




I am stuck at a point from where i am unable to proceed further.

I have a module "Module 1" which has one list as page, one list as rows and columns as line items. It looks something like below

Page List 1(dropdown)      
    Line item1 Line Item 2 Line Item 3 (Formatted as List 1)
  List2 1st value     List 1 value 1
  List 2 2nd value     List 1 value 1
  List 2 3rd Value     List 1 Value 2 (not visible based on page selection)

As you see now based on the page selection the line item 3 may be populated or not. Please note Line item 3 is calculated based on other line items to get the mapping.


In the list 2 i have created a property which can house a text value. I want to get the corresponding list 1 value for each of the list 2 values from the above module. However since i have only one dimension to lookup on (List 2 value) i am unable to get the value for corresponding list 1. How can i get the value for list 1 corresponding to  List 2 either in the list for list 2 or in a module just based on list 2. I cannot bring the other dimenison in. Is that possible? If possible , please help with the formula.



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  • subodhp
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    Okay, i figured a way out to load the property of the list to be populated with the correct value. I used the FIRSTNONBLANK function. So the way i used it was Module1.textvalueofList1[FIRSTNONBLANK:Module1.listvaluesoflist2]. I had to do an item on each list2 value to use in this formula.


    I am sure there are other ways to do this as well.