Dynamically filtering the line items columns in a dashboard table


Hi all,


I have this issue: I need to create a filter to show dynamically the columns of a table in a dashboard.


I always did this using the “Line items subsets”, creating a separate module with a boolean flag and use the boolean flag in the dashboard as filter on “Line items” tab.


The only issue is that the “Line Item subsets” works only for numeric formatted line items…but the challenge is to create a system also valid for non-numeric line items ( lists, texts, etc).


Does anybody have any idea ?






  • Hi,


    I'm in the same boat as you and would love to see this improved... not just for purposes of filtering, but also, for example, so I can render a full list of line items in a line item subset (especially No Data Heading line items... like in a P&L or Balance Sheet).  (At present, I work around this issue by formatting my headers as numeric and then format the number so that zeroes render as blanks).

  • Hi Paul.
    Thanks for your answer.
    Nice trick about the "No data heading" line items. I just used it.. :).

    I received from Anaplan support the answer that opening the "Line item subsets" to non-numeric line-items was added as RFE ( request fro enhancement).

    If anybody agrees on that please inform the support!

    Will see and hope.. 🙂
  • I hope I am not too late, I greatly support this 😀

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