Invalid Parent While Importing in List



I am trying to import a product list which is a numbered list form another model say ICM.

But while trying to import it,it shows the invalid parent entry.However the list is getting rolledup to the correct parent.

Screenshot attached.


  • Hi,


    Could you give more details on the parent hierarchy and the source list?

    Think it would be better to use saved view as a source (and code for Parent).




  • hi,

    I am trying to import the product list from ICM model.

    I am using Anaplan model ICM as source and trying to import the list same as in ICM model.

    Attached Screenshot

  • - Try to create a source module based on "Product Size (P3)", where you'll have your properties in line items. One of the line items should be Parent's code. 

    - Then hide parent hierarchies using "Select Levels To Show".
    - Save this view and use it as a source for import.


    It should help to get rid of errors.




  • Still Facing the error.

    I will again explain the whole scenario

    I have set of list say P1,P2,P3,P4 in ICM model and I am trying to create the same set of lists in another model as well.


    Till import of P2 everything is working fine but while importing the list for P3 it is showing error as Invalid Parent.

  • I've replicated it in Anaplan:

    L1 is a parent hierarchy for L2 and L2 is a parent for L3. Parent Code contains L2 item code.



    Then you should hide parent levels



    And use this view as a source. That's how our products hierarchies are updated, and we don't get an error.



    Have you tried this way?

  • Is this a composite list? If so then u have to load the parent list first

  • Is this a composite list? If so then u have to load the parent list first.  So L1 first, then L2 then L3 and so on

  • @Hayk ,


    If it is a numbered list, as you stated, on the load, instead of using the "name" of the parent, use the code in the mapping area.  By doing this, it will resolve to the correct parent.


    Hope this helps,



  • sorry, the above should have been @Chamanpreet