AMA: Product Roadmap & Innovation

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Tell us a little bit about yourself. How long have you been at Anaplan?

I’ve been at Anaplan for a year and a half. It has been a blur, but I also feel like I’ve been here for a lot longer. Everyone at Anaplan feels this way!

Tell me about your journey here. What areas have you worked in? 

I came into Anaplan to lead the Product Management, UX and Technology partnership teams. During the first half of 2017, we decided to re-emphasize our focus on LOBs and build out our expertise in Finance, Sales, and Supply Chain. As part of that re-organization, the LOB team, which includes product marketing, platform product marketing, and strategic pricing, also moved under product. It has been an amazing journey and it is truly humbling to be part of a fantastic team.

What is your area of expertise and why?

I like the challenge of product strategy, product management and bringing a great experience to users. I believe my strength is the combination of technical understanding combined with customer management and product understanding.

Favorite thing about Anaplan?

The product, of course! And the amazing, talented people I work with every day.

One fun fact about you?

We have a plum tree in our backyard, so I started experimenting with making small batches of plum wine. One of our friends took a bottle to a local home-made wine tasting and got placed. So technically I am a maker of award-winning plum wine!

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  • ablack

    A few questions:

    • Are there plans to enhance Anaplan's API (examples bulleted)?
      • Access to line item architecture
      • Add/Edit/Clear lists/modules
      • User Access Management
    • Will there ever be the option to have links to Anaplan that open specific dashboards or execute processes?
    • Are there plans to add a process scheduling tool?
    • When are workflows planned for release?
  • Do we have a process to step through each step of a Formula to

    1. trouble shoot/debug

    2. To check performance impact of a step in a formula

    3. Comment out a section of a formula temporarily

    Please advise if you need further clarification of this request.


  • Fwolf

    Hi Sampath - 

    Could you share some details around how the product roadmap gets put together?  In particular how does the team decide which enhancements and features will be prioritized for each release in Anaplan?  Whats the best way for customers to provide enhancement requests?  How can customers who are interested get more involved to provide feedback to the product team? 



  • Hi Sampath,

    We really like to use Time Range functions to make our modelling more effeciently and effectively. However, I'm wondering if it's on the road map to have dynamic Time Range (e.g., I can set a time range to be current year and next year, and the time range will always use my time setting in the model to define current year and next year).

    Thank you!


  • Hello Sampath,

    I think it would be of interest to have the summary settings by lists in a line item, vs. this functionality being applicable to the full line item (on all lists).

    Sometimes it is valid to have a summary applicable on one list, when it is not valid to have it on another. To me this case is often encountered when calculating and showing allocation keys.


  • Hi Anaplan Team,

    I am looking for Sort Functionality to be applied on a dashboard having Multiple Dimension on Rows, I see a that Anaplan do not support Nested Sorting, Is there a way to apply sort on Nested Dimension directly on dashboard or should we build modules to support sorting based on the requirement.

    The "SORT" on Nested Dimensions was a frequent ask from various clients.



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  • Hello Sampath,

    It would be great to be able to format line items as versions. Is that a feature coming in the near future?


  • Sampath,

    Will you use Anaplan to set-up the supply chain for the delivery of your award-winning plum wine? I reckon you should organize a tasting during the next Anaplan hub.

  • ablack

    To use this in a lookup would be great!

  • amickel

    Any comments regarding the timeline for the following:

    1) object-level migration

    2) separation of developer from WSA role

    3) security console to centralize and streamline administration (out-of-the-box solution versus building a security configuration model from scratch)

    4) application log to monitor user sessions

    5) time function

  • ckryan

    Hi Sampath,

    I am curious if there is a future release around a UX for User Activity Reports. Adoption is one of our main KPI's with Anaplan and would like to view a report within Anaplan instead of an Excel Spreadsheet.




  • I really like the Time Range functionality as it allows for great flexibility in the modules.  Is there any plan to enable time ranges at the quarter level?  We have some specific use cases where we are modeling periods that do not align with our fiscal year.

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  • Hi

    Is there a product roadmap for Anaplan available to customers?

    Thank you