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Hi everyone,


i have a module with several line items. One line item is a List, another one is a number.

After i have selected a value and entered a number, i want to link the value into a module which has the List as in the rows. Any idea how to link the data ? I would like to have the value number entered only appear on the selected list item.


i would like to get the value of 20% into "Auswirkung in %" only on the line item Yummi and not on any other.



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  • bdeaton
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    So my understanding is that you want to take the line item Erfassung Promotionen.'% Mengenauswirkung 1. Monat' and put that into the line item Promotion Auswirkung.'Auswirkung in %' based on what is in Erfassung Promotionen.Produkt.

    I believe that something like Erfassung Promotionen.'% Mengenauswirkung 1. Monat'[SUM: Erfassung Promotionen.Produkt] would work to do this. If you do happen to have two promotions that reference the same product, however, it will add up those percentages (which may be what you want, but I wanted to point that behavior out).


  • squick

    Thx u helped me a lot.


    SUM was, what i was looking for.