Problem with specific tenure?


I am looking for the best solution how calculate/distribute an amount within specific tenure once it was triggered by a variable.


1 million of revenue will be recognized equally over 24 months once the project is completed. The 1st month of the recognition starts on the following month once the project completed (the variable). The revenue recognition will ends after the 24th month from the 1st month of recognition. Or it will end once cumulative revenue is 1 million.


Your suggestion if much appreciated. 

Thank you very much!


  •  Hi,


    Assuming you have 2 modules, i.e. Revenue (with Time and other required dimensions as list) and Project Admin, you can create the relevant line items:

    1. Project Admin

      1.1 Completion Mth


    2. Revenue

      2.1 Value

      2.2 Allocated Value = if item(time) >= Project Admin.Completion Mth and item(time) <= Project Admin.Completion Mth + 24 then Value/24 else 0



    We don't need to address the 'Or it will end once cumulative revenue is 1 million', because 1 million split equally over 24 months will aggregate to 1 million in the 24th month.


    You can try to improve the model above, by making the '24 months' a variable as well.