Sort Line Item Subsets


Description of the enhancement required:
Ability to sort line items the same order in the subset as they are in the originating module


Example of the enhancement:
A Line Item Subset for P&L report that he is using in another module; however, the line items in the Subset are not in the same order as the Line Items from the originating module. Every time users try to fix the way the lines in the module using the subset, the sort gets even more messed up.

Currently, line item subsets used as dimensions are sorted based on the "Parent" column in the source module. Users want this sorted the same way it was sorted in the source module.

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  • Is there an update on this?


    I have come across exactly the same issue when creating a summary level P&L module in £k.

    I am using "Collect() / 1000" to quickly display in Thousands but as the sort order has changed I will have to come up with a different solution which I know won't be as efficient / safe!

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