Enhancement Request for the ability to assign list items to a subset using a formula


I would like the ability to populate a subset based on a line item attribute in another import module that contains the full list.

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  • Status changed to: In Review
  • Raised on behalf for United Laboratories.


    We would like to have a facility in Anaplan wherein a “Subset” can have a similar function of a “Property” that you have a “Formula” field that you can write on to automate values to a property. This way, you will be able to manage the tagging of the elements that will be attached to a subset and also prevent the unintentional tagging of the other members not to be included in the subset.

    An example of enhancement
    Formula based, or boolean property to manage subset

    How it would help the business process 
    As mentioned above, this will eliminate the manual tagging of subsets and will allow better management and use of subsets (avoid unnecessary tagging and untagging of subset elements)

  • This Would definitely enhance the dynamic features of anaplan models

  • Any news on this one ?

    It has been showing in review for 4 years

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