Ability to create a budget version, copied from another version, with values that don't change


I want a version that contains values from another version, but doesn't rely on lists/formulas/etc. Changes to the model should not affect this version copy.


Description of the enhancement required:

I want to be able to take a copy of a version which is just a copy of the numbers, so once you agree the budget it is copied and does not update due to any formulas. It is in essence a copy valued version for reference only. This would work for prior forecast as well, so during the year you can compare actuals and forecast to multiple prior forecasts. At present when I bulk copy it still looks at list information, so if that changes it changes the numbers in the version which you don't want as it's a fixed budget or prior forecast.

It means I can have a model which has actuals/multiple forecasts/ budgets and 5 year plans all in one


An example of the enhancement:

Once I have the budgets signed off by the directors this needs to be a fixed budget, as such at this point I want to copy the version where the budget has been built into a budget version. The version that was copied can then be used for forecasting purposes and then for budgeting in a years time as the formulas should still apply. This will apply for prior forecasting comparisons as well.


How this would help my business process:

This enhancement would give us the ability to compare to budget and multiple forecasts. Due to being a rapidly growing business/industry we need to be able to refer to multiple prior forecasts to learn from the decisions made at the time to improve forecasting moving forward.


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