Calculating the IRR for a subset of cashflow


Is it possible to use the IRR function to calculate only a subset of the cashflow?


For example, in Jul 18 I'm looking to calculate the IRR of the cashflow from the beginning to Jul 18 and then on Aug 18 it will be from the beginning to Aug 18. 


In excel you can simply have the formula as IRR($H2:I2) and apply that across the entire row.


  • Hi @bill.liao,

    You're in luck!

    Anaplan makes this function available to you as well: IRR function documentation and example.


    • Here is a list of financial functions in Anaplan.
    • And here is a list of all Excel functions and their Anaplan equivalents.

    Let us know if this doesn't address your need.



  • Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for the reply! I am aware of the IRR function and have been using it.

    The issue though is related to the fact that for the Excel IRR function you can select any part of the cashflow (up to previous period, current period, etc) whereas for Anaplan there is no option to select just a part of a cashflow.
  • Hi, you can set the 0 the values that are outside the period you want.


    let's say you have a line item called "cash flow" with all the cash flows for all periods. Create a second line item called "Specific Period Cash Flow" and a third one "Valid Period" (as a boolean). The formula of "Specific Period Cash Flow" should be:

    IF Valid Period then cash flow else 0


    The only other way to play with Time and IRR is to use the IRR date settings (cash flow, date, dimension) but for that you need to have your cash flows as "transactions"