Allow no conditional formatting (or transparent) to be applied if the condition is not met


Description of the enhancement required:

Enhance conditional formatting so that it will be possible to set the fill if the condition is met but if not, the Grid Style is respected.

Currently the conditional formatting is working with a range of values where is set the fill in the left range and in the right range (with fading colors between the ranges). I want to be able to set a condition IF <Line Item> = 123abc and that the impact is that it meets the condition the fill is adjusted by a color and else it just takes the Grid Style we've defined.


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  • Yes, this would be a valuable addition and make conditional formating more stronger for some customer use cases. We discussed this in L2 training today; especially the use of Transparency and colours.



  • This has been in review since 2018, is there any updates?

  • luke_e

    Great idea.

    At current, any line with conditional formatting, even if not active looks like it has some form of formatting applied (even if you set a midpoint of no colour/white). There should be a way to indicate an inactive state of some sort.

  • bhill5

    Any update on this?? thanks

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