Versions as list format


Make Versions available as a list-format.

Benefits: Allows the end-user to select the version they want to look at from a drop-down making for better variance reporting. Allows you to map from a normal hierarchy into a version dimension

*Excel add-in needs to support & support with filters

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  • Using the versions as a format will greatly simplify comparative reporting and open up new possibilities for modeling. The vast majority of system users would like to be able to analyze their versions (plan/fact, forecast/budget, comparison of different versions of the forecast/budget among themselves).

    To do this, they would be comfortable to choose the outgoing version and the version for comparison on dashboards. Unfortunately, in order to implement this functionality now you have to shift the data to a separate dimension (or lose flexibility). This not only takes up the cloud space, but also makes it very difficult to support the model. Emergence of new versions requires active intervention of Model Builder to support additional dimension. Many projects want to use an additional dimension right away, but this limits the detail of formulas by version and complicates the use of the switchover.

    This change will not only simplify model development/maintenance, but will also significantly improve the way Anaplan is perceived as a financial modeling and reporting analysis system (version and variance comparison).


    Please note this request (and the number of kudo for it) and add it to the roadmap. A large number of Model Builders will be grateful to you!

  • 100% agree

    For me this is one of the last really big areas that if sorted, would massively simplify modelling

  • Definitely a big improvement if Versions were to be a list, having the ability to have a Production Data tag could greatly reduce the dev/test data volumes.

  • You can just about do everything you need to with versions as a list, what is missing is the ability to apply a 'Version Formula' on lists. If the scope of the formulae on line items could be set by list items then that would be a great change too.

  • Bonjour à tous,


    J'imagine qu'il y a eu beaucoup d'écrit au sujet des versions sous forme de liste mais je tiens également à ajouter ma demande.


    Effectivement une version liste changera complètement l'utilité d'Anaplan sur la gestion des Reporting et la comparaison des versions de budgets entre elles.


    Les versions tel qu'elles sont gérés aujourd'hui, créent un vrai handicap pour la maintenance et l'optimisation des modèles et des Dashboard dans la nouvelle UX.


    Qu'est-ce qui explique que la version liste native ne puisse être pas possible ?


    Merci d'avance pour la prise en compte de cette amélioration.



  • @nukuacolatse and others


    For context, Time and Versions are "special" dimensions within Anaplan and each element is contained within its own block (see here for more details).  This allows the Previous/Next functionality that is not available with general lists.  Whilst this functionality is powerful it also limits functionality in other areas, such as the ability to use SUM and LOOKUP.

    For Time we did tackle the LOOKUP element some years back, but it was a big piece of work.  Versions is still outstanding and will be another big piece of work.  However, I do have it in the plans to investigate next year, so hopefully we can deliver this long standing request.

    I hope that helps


    @nukuacolatse - google translate pour vous

    Pour le contexte, le temps et les versions sont des dimensions «spéciales» dans Anaplan et chaque élément est contenu dans son propre bloc (voir ici pour plus de détails). Cela permet la fonctionnalité Précédent / Suivant qui n'est pas disponible avec les listes générales. Bien que cette fonctionnalité soit puissante, elle limite également les fonctionnalités dans d'autres domaines, tels que la possibilité d'utiliser SUM et LOOKUP. Pour Time, nous avons abordé l'élément LOOKUP il y a quelques années, mais c'était un gros travail. Les versions sont toujours en suspens et seront un autre gros travail. Cependant, je l'ai dans les plans pour enquêter l'année prochaine, alors j'espère que nous pourrons répondre à cette demande de longue date.

    J'espère que ça aide



  • Hi @DavidSmith 


    Merci beaucoup pour ces explications claires et qui me permettent de comprendre les enjeux des blocs de version pour Anaplan.


    En espérant que les évolutions techniques et informatiques vous aide à trouver une solution.


    Bien à vous,



  • @DavidSmith Is there any kind of update on this? I'd love to be able to access Native Versions as a list and ALSO allow LOOKUP / SELECT aspects…

  • I endorse the Versions as list capability. Been something I have been asking for 10 years

    Would be great to be able to avoid using fixed SELECTs on versions and for users to have the ability to control the version

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