Data dependent locking of cell data


A boolean property on a list; if the boolean is checked, data for that list item is locked throughout the model. Need to define how/who can unlock it. Could be very useful for custom task flows & locking mechanisms.
Useful for custom workflows.

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  • This is Dyncamic Cell Access, so doesn't need to be considered for future roadmap - It's already here!!!!

  • Thanks for looking at this request for locking out users from changing list entries. Since this request was originally raised, we have moved away from publishing the list to the dashboard. Instead we now publish a module which allows entry of the criteria and an action button which enables the creation of new line items within the list. Therfore because the list is not published we no longer have issues with end users changing data (as descibed in the original request copied below). It would seem from the comment from David that Dynamic Cell Access also helps in this regard, but we haven't explored that functionality fully ourselves at this moment in time. Best Wishes, Roger


    Hi there, is there a way of preventing users from changing a numbered list properties once they have been entered? The numbered list is published to a dashboard and users are able to select properties which then update the numbered list display name. Calcs are then performed based on the user entered numbered list properties. However, if the properties are then changed by the user this then changes the calcs. We dont want this happen hence why we want to prevent the user from being able to change the properties after they have been entered.

  • @roger.griffin1 

    We can't control List Properties in the same way as line items (one of the many reasons why we prefer not to use List Properties), so what I would suggest is rather than publishing the numbered list, I would publish a module dimensioned by the numbered list, with a line item to enter the display name.  Then link the display name property directly to that line item,  That way you can use DCA and you may find more flexiblity in what you show/don't show from the list

    I hope that helps


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