Allow scaling in Module formats for line items

Allow scaling in Module formats for line items. For example to allow dollars to be expressed as "Millions of dollars" or "Thousands of dollars".


How would it help your business process:

One example- We use Anaplan for budgeting and drop Anaplan data into reports for senior leadership. No executive wants to see the budget or reports in plain dollars. We have to reformat all our numbers into larger units -e.g. millions.

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  • We have a large and complex model. For a planner, they choose to see results in full value, 1,000's, or Millions depending on which currency they pick or what they are trying to accomplish. As a developer, the choices are to calculate this on the fly, which can have a performance impact, or to store it in 3 different ways, which can have a significant size impact. The ability to have the scaling as inherent functionality, would help with this.

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