Switchover for End Of Year


Description of the enhancement required:

Be able to have switchover throughout the year. This would allow a version to match actuals for line items with time, but have separate information in other line items.


An example of the enhancement:
Admins could select FY as a switchover time period for a version, and then that version would be identical to the actuals version for items with time as a dimension and different for items without time. Currently, when you select FY for switchover, it just switches to a different base time period like Week 1 or the first week of December.


How would it help your business process:
The business has required a 12&0 version where users input detailed information into modules specific to that version to meet their targets. As October and November passed, we updated the switchover to reflect the latest periods actuals and users would adjust their plans. Once December passed, we could not do switchover as the new year is not included in the model (each model is for a specific year). And users could not see how they landed compared to the targets. One option we thought of was entering a formula for "Actual" into the 12&0 but this would cause us to lose the detail entered into the 12&0 for line items without time as a dimension. Adding an additional period to the time dimension also would not be preferable as this would unnecessarily add size to the model. So updating the switchover mechanism to allow a user to select FY would be amazing.

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