Multiple Summary Methods Per Line Item


Description of the enhancement required:

Ability to use different summary methods by module dimension (list)


An example of the enhancement:
We can currently summarise differently the lists and the time dimension but it would be great to be able to choose a different summary method by list/dimension. For instance if a module is dimensioned by list_1, list_2 and time, I might want to use the formula across list_1, to average across list_2 and to sum across time.

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  • This is indeed a very important request, as it will simplify many times the work of building Cash Flow reports based on line item subsets. When we need to take into account the correct formation of time and residues, and movements.

  • NoahJ

    I would also support this, as it would allow more easily finding the comparing against the max of one variable while summing the other variables

  • I would also support this, as this is needed when we use custom time dimensions and we need to summarise only by this dimension.

    Ability to select a specific dimension to apply summary methods  also would save cell count

  • I highly support this request as well!


  • I see this topic never took off, but it would indeed be very useful, and it might avoid anaplanners additional development to fulfill client requirements. I support this idea!

  • This would be an amazing addition, and cut down the time and effort (and # of additional line items) needed to get to eh right summaries with multiple dimensions in a module!!

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