Dynamic Versions in Anaplan


Hi Team,


My model has 4 versions:

Actual Version: Monthly Input

Forecast Version: Once yearly Input

Q2 forecast Adjustment:

Q3 Forecast Adjustment:


Let's suppose we have forecasted for whoel year and users are done with Actuals input of Jan,Feb,Mar,Now the Higher management wants to adjust there forecast for Q2 in which Q2 forecast adjustment version should show forecast data of Jan to March and from April onwards management can input there forecast based on analysis with actuals till Q1.


How this can be achieved in Anaplan ?


thanks for your help in advance


  • Sounds as simple as standard switchover functionality may help here. 

    Set switchover for "Q2 adjustments version" and you will have 3-month actuals and oportunity to adjust data in Q2-Q4 onward. Will it work for you?