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Description of the enhancement required: TIME FILTERS

We created a VIEW with only CURRENT QUARTER data and published it to a dashboard. Now next quarter, we need the dashboard to refresh automatically for NEXT QUARTER data. To achieve this, we had to create a TIME FILTER module, add line items like CQ, PQ etc and define formulas for them using boolean format. Since TIME is a standard dimension in Anaplan and every FP&A team would require time filters like CURRENT QUARTER, PREVIOUS QUARTER, CURRENT PERIOD, NEXT MONTH, NEXT QUARTER, CURRENT YEAR, PRIOR YEAR etc, it would be convenient if we have pre-defined time filters which can be used in a VIEW or in a Dashboard.


A story for why you want the enhancement, (how would it help your business process):

Since TIME filters are widely used in Financial Planning & Analysis, better if we have them as standard content which can be used in TABLE VIEWS. This will simplify the customization and speedup the implementation time.

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