Show saved view name on dashboard


Description of the enhancement required:

When publishing a saved view to the Dashboard, there should be the option to publish with the name of the Saved View, rather than just the name of the Module. In addition, selecting 'Open Source Module' should navigate the user to the View the Grid was published from, not just the default view.


An example of the enhancement:

Publishing with the name of the Saved View that the Grid was published from will allow for greater customization of Dashboard object titling, as well as provide model builders an easier way to find the root of the objects.


A story for why you want the enhancement:

Frequently, there are many saved views for a module that are published to multiple dashboards. It would be helpful if the name of the saved view were known, or even if when doing "open source module" from the dashboard, the module would open to the view that was published to the dashboard.

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