The ability to add a dynamic sub total to a grid


I would like the ability to add a dynamic subtotal to a grid, so when rows are filtered out the total is updated on the fly


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  • Yes, we need to have dynamic summary totals that adjust based on filters and selective access.  To work around this, we have to create new modules and line itmes that create redundancy and inefficiencies in the model. In some cases, there is no way to work around this issue and sumary totals must be hidden. This is a major issue for my clients.

  • This is definitely a major improvement to the grid that is requested by almost all my customers.

  • This is also a major issue for my customers. Many of them have requested a total based on what they can see through filters/selective access. 

  • Does this exist? I find it extremely painful that this basic functionality is not intuitive.


  • This would save so much time and is useful for most customers

  • Hello, is there any update on when a solution will be implemented?

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