Disallow un-assigning items using the 'Assign' action


Description of the enhancement required:

Disallow un-assigning items using the 'Assign' action. There's a left-arrow in the assign action that will delete an existing list item. It would be great to have an option to disable that arrow, or disable removing existing items this way. 


An example of the enhancement:

Admins would have the ability to disallow users (particularly End Users) from un-assigning list items, instead only having the option to assign new list items.


How would it help their business process: The reason is that allowing users to delete items can cause data loss, which can be particularly disastrous since a list item can be connected to locked budgets or past period actuals.

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  • Status changed to: Delivered
  • We've now implemented Assign action in the UX which brings with it an implementation of the "Assign Only" action as well. This variant of the Assign action allows a user to assign items to a parent but does not allow them to remove items already assigned. This should hopefully give you what you need in the scenario you outlined.

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