Show existing saved views when saving a view


Description of the enhancement required:

It would be helpful to have the ability to, when saving a Saved View, see a list of all of the existing Saved Views and select the one that I want to overwrite.


How it would help business processes:
Primarily, this would be beneficial to model builders who are creating and saving many different views throughout the development of a new model, especially when multiple individuals are involved in creating views to support different import actions and dashboards.

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  • For those familiar with "Save As" functionality in MS Office, this is basically what I'm requesting.


    When you "Save As" in MS Office, you're show the Windows Explorer dialog and can save overtop of existing files. Would like to do the same for views. Not a big deal, I just find myself needing to do this fairly often and it's tedious to find the name of the view I want to save over, and then manually re-type it/copy+paste it.

  • This would be useful to keep saved views tidy.

    We have a use case where a data hub module holds more than 10 saved views and some are added while there are already existing ones

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