Improved History Granularity in History Report


Description of the enhancement requested:
When the client exports the history they want to see the details on who changed the Formula, as well as having an ability to filter out the needed modules, lines, etc. The output is there but they want to be able to filter it online as it is close to impossible to do in excel/access for long periods (1 month for example).


An example of the enhancement:
It would enable modelers and support to find who made the changes to formulas and values. As of now working with history is next to impossible for substantial periods (1 month, especially for models with >600 users).


How would this enhancement improve your processes:

When someone changes the formula/item/cell value in a module they need to know who and when the change happened as users often make mistakes. This can also help control for inside checks and manual rollback.

This issue is encountered several times a month for big models.


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  • Status changed to: In Review
  • A question for clarification please: the particular ask here is to be able to filter History by User from inside the platform, e.g. from the History dialog?

  • The ask isn't that it be done in the History dialog, but that a workspace admin can find this information somewhere in the platform.

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